Our Story

Good Shepherd began as an exploratory mission by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod in 1985.  Consisting of 7 families, the congregation worshiped in an old Episcopal church building until the congregation purchased its current facility in 2005.

In 1993, Good Shepherd was officially organized as a Lutheran congregation and joined the Wisconsin Synod as a self-supporting church.  

Our Pastor

Pastor Dave Furno was installed as the pastor of Good Shepherd and St. John's, Lake Benton on January 29, 2017. He lives in Lake Benton and can be reached by cell phone at 507-820-0079 or email by typing: "pdfurno" (the @ sign)  "gmail.com"

Pastor Dave Furno (507-820-0079) email: pdfurno (at) gmail (dot) com

Pastor Dave Furno (507-820-0079) email: pdfurno (at) gmail (dot) com